Packing For Vacation

mau bag (2)

maui bag1 (2) maui bag2 (2) maui bag3 (2)

Beach Tote: Mar Y Sol  | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Necklace:  old, Similiar| Swim Top: L Space

Book:After Visiting Friends | Hat: Target | Sunscreen: Banana Boat

Have you ever started backing your suitcase for vacation and think “How am I going to fit all this in there?”  You then have to edit all your outfits. Yep, that happens to me each and every time!  I’m excited to be  traveling to a warm tropical island with palm trees and beautiful sunsets in about 8 days, not like I’ve been counting down. I always start packing a few days early by pulling all my favorite outfits together with their matching accessories. While trying to pack this time I’ve come to the realization that I have an obsession with swimsuits and hats. I mean, I guess it could be worse. Luckily swimsuits don’t take up to much real estate in my suitcase so I can take as many as I want (and it’s a lot!).  I also love to mix and match my old and new tops and bottoms to freshen up my old suits. Never be afraid of mixing prints and bright colors, be creative and step out of your comfort zone. Have fun mixing florals with  polka pots or chevron prints with stripes or pick fun bright colors and color block your suit.

  Now with hats I have narrow it down to taking only 2 or 3. I usually wear a hat on the plane and carefully pack the others in the suitcase being sure not to crush them, MacGyver skills are definitely needed.  I carry my beach tote as one of my carry-ons, it has to be cute and stylish to rock through the airport. This tote was a Christmas gift from my adorable hubby. It’s by Mar Y Sol , 100% woven with leather handles and  it comes in several other colors too.  I usually put one swimsuit and a cover up in my carry-on just in case my checked bag goes MIA then I won’t miss a minute at the beach! I also never forget my sunscreen, sunnies and a good book.

Can you guess where I’m heading? Follow my instagram for my vacation and outfit updates!



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