Shop Your Closet

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 Long vest: Zara | Clutch : out of my closet, Similar | shoes: out of my closet, Similar |

Tank: Similar | Pants: sold out, Express

You don’t have to have all new clothing to be on trend and look great. Shopping in your own closet can be fun and if you’re like me you find stuff you totally forgot you had. (Happens to me all the time) I tend to buy one new piece to mix with my current old items. FACT: If you take great care of your clothing and accessories they will last and hold up over time. For example, I rarely put anything in the dryer even if it’s in the care instructions to do so. I hang dry EVERYTHING after hand washing or washing in cold water. Now let’s talk about my outfit. The new item is the long white belted vest from Zara. What I love about it is it takes you right into spring and you can pair it over a dress or cute shorts. I went a little darker with this outfit and was really working the zippers. This is an “outfit of the night” that I would wear it out to dinner with the hubby or out to drinks with my girls. My shoes and striped tank are at least 5+ years old, found them in my closet (shocking I know). My girlfriend and I bought these skinny black pants at Zara on the same  shopping trip, can you say Twinning?  The next day I received a text from her saying how amazing and addicted to these pants she is. I have to agree, these are my go to skinnies and they were under $50. I love a good budget find, especially when they are stylish and comfy! So the lesson is, fashion doesn’t need to be new and it doesn’t have to be expensive to look good. I suggest doing some spring cleaning in your own closet and find what treasures are in there. Build an outfit from your closet!

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